Wine and Breads

Sample Menus

At Celebrations, we like to customize the menu to each client's wishes, but it's always helpful to have a basic plan from which to start. We hope you will consider our sample menus as thought-starters, and with our assistance, develop an offering that will delight your guests. We are always happy to accommodate special dietary needs as well.

Whenever possible, we endeavour to use seasonal, fresh ingredients from the County and surrounding area.

All prices quoted are based on groups of a minimum of 25 guests; smaller groups can also be accommodated, and we will be happy to quote based on your numbers. Prices are subject to change and do not include taxes and gratuities.

Soup and Sandwich Working Lunch

Perfect for a group of business people who need a tasty break from their deliberations. Typically this meal is served buffet style, but if you prefer sit-down style, it can be arranged.

Choice of soup
Warm rolls and butter
Two sandwiches per person
Condiments and garnishes
Selection of fruit cups and squares or cookies
Tea and coffee
Bottled water

$16.95 per person

Note: If desired, this basic menu can be enhanced, perhaps adding a salad course in summer, or in cooler weather, perhaps Linda May's husband Richard's dynamite chili.

Passed Hors d'Oeuvres

Ideal for cocktail parties, grand openings, or as a starter before a play.

Cold selections include:

Curried chicken on cucumber rounds
Ratatouille on French bread (room temperature)
Smoked salmon with crème fraiche and capers on crostini
County sausage with organic chutney on crostini
Fifth Town and Black River cheese selection with pepper jelly on crackers
Crudités with hummus dip

Hot selections include:

Jamaican jerk pork tartlets
Chicken satay on a skewer
Rare Black Angus on crostini with bleu cheese
Cocktail meatballs with sweet and tangy dipping sauce
Baked brie tartlets with County jelly
Mini crab cakes with herbed cheese topping

Minimum of 25 pieces per selection, $2.50 per piece

Displayed Hors d'Oeuvres

Elegant presentations on a buffet table, where guests can serve themselves.

Cold selections include:

Antipasto Platter (prosciutto, salami, goat cheese, olives, artichoke hearts, tapenade, crostini) $68.95
Black River and Fifth Town cheese tray with cracker selection, pepper jelly and pickles Subject to local pricing
Smoked salmon platter (smoked salmon slices with capers, onion, chopped egg and lemon dill cream) $124.95
Fiesta dip (diced heirloom tomatoes, corn salsa, green onions, jalapeños, refried beans, guacamole, monterey jack cheese and tortilla chips)$52.95
Shrimp royale (large chilled shrimp with our special nippy cocktail sauce and lemon slices) $124.95

Hot selections include:

Cocktail meatballs with sweet and tangy sauce $68.95
Chorizo with roasted sweet peppers and spicy sauce on toasted baguette slices $52.95
Scallops wrapped in prosciutto in phyllo cups $68.95

Deluxe Barbecue

While we can accommodate basic BBQs with burgers, veggie burgers and delicious County sausages, we recommend some more imaginative and delectable upgrades:

Marinated Angus steaks (or pig roast)
Herb roasted potatoes
Peaches and cream corn on the cob
Balsamic-dressed heirloom tomato slices with bocconcini cheese
Market field greens salad with choice of dressings
Toasted baguettes with garlic butter
Pasta salad with roasted vegetables in a fresh herb vinaigrette
Four-bean salad
Bumbleberry crisp with ice cream
Fruit tray

Prices vary seasonally, according to the number of guests, and the percentage of children to adults. We will be happy to give you a price based on your requirements.

Meals to Delight

These offerings can be served buffet-style or as sit-down meals. Each suggested entrée comes with fresh rolls and butter, a fresh spring-greens salad with homemade zesty vinaigrette, a side of vegetable, a dessert selection, and coffee or tea. For a group of 25 or more, the price per person, before taxes or gratuities, is in the $20-$25 range, based on buffet service. If desired, the meal can be served as a sit-down, and can be enhanced with additional courses such as displayed appetizers, a hot or cold soup to start, an amuse-bouche before the main course, and a cheese and fruit tray after dessert. Just let us know how expansive or elegant you wish it to be, and we will provide you with the price.

Buffet Basics:

Traditional, chicken or vegetarian lasagna
Beef Stroganoff with egg noodles
Herb-roasted chicken with mashed potatoes á la grecque
Jerk pork with spicy curried potatoes
County pork sausages with sauerkraut and homemade pierogies
Medallions of chicken, pork or veal with reduction of County wine sauce and wild rice
Seafood or chicken in a savory white wine and cream sauce with herbs, served over orzo

Note: these sample menus are intended to start the planning process! If you have a special entrée or side in mind, let's start from there and build a menu that will fit your guests' (and your own) tastes to a T.